New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone!

A few years ago I started going to church for the first time. I absolutely love my Pastor, he is honestly one of the greatest christians I know. And part of what makes him an awesome pastor is that he goes teaches through the Bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse. He skips nothing! No matter how uncomfortable a subject might be. He teaches on the importance of knowing the Bible, as a whole.

And that is what gave me the idea for this new blog. I realized that even though I have been a christian for a decade now, I have never read the Bible from beginning to end. So, I decided that I want to take you all with me on this journey.

Now I am not, and will never claim to be a pastor. But I am going to be doing an in-depth study through the Bible cover to cover, giving my experiences, my opinions, historical backgrounds, all the fun stuff 🙂

I hope you all will join me on this journey through God’s amazing Word!

Hosanna ❤

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