Overwhelmed by Genesis!

This morning I found myself getting a bit frustrated, and a lot overwhelmed by the first chapter of Genesis. There is just so much packed into that first chapter! And I found myself getting discouraged by that.

I started crying out to the Lord, telling Him (as if He didn’t already know) that I am not a pastor! Telling Him that I am not equipped to do this, I went on and on. But then God moved, and my prayers changed. He reminded me that I was never meant to do any of this on my own, in my own strength. He reminded me that the posts that I have written that I have loved the most are the ones where I felt the Spirit moving in me. They weren’t written on my own.

God reminded me that instead of being discouraged by the first chapter of Genesis I should feel the way that I did the first time I read it, amazed. There are 824 words in Genesis 1, and I get to read them, I get to let them change my life and heart. And more than that God has provided me a way to talk about all of them with you.

I am overwhelmed friends. I am overwhelmed by how blessed I am that I get to wake up each morning and read God’s amazing, living Word. I am overwhelmed by the blessing that I can write on this platform about our Lord.

The first chapter of Genesis is full of amazing things, wonderful blessings and miracles, and I can’t wait to talk about them with all of you!

Hosanna ❤

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